Saturday, May 31, 2008

Yes, yes, I know

I have been all about the lateness in terms of this blog. Between hanging my senior show, writing my thesis (89 pages, bitches.), graduating, trying to find a job, continuing to write and work on my show, compiling and co-editing a Lyrics on Lockdown workbook, obsessing over how to make the last few workshops at Rikers really count whilst also trying to figure out a way to keep going to Island Academy over the summer, I have allowed this blog to languish and neglected to give updates where updates are due.

Thus I take a break from writing searching obsessing to give you a little something.

First of all, the Race Sex Power conference was amazing and I met spoke with so many brilliant folks (and one fucker - but what's life without at least one, right?) Even though I did not get to see Renee Cox's presentation thanks to the folks at American Airlines (you cancel how many flights and now you wanna charge people to check bags? What?) I did get to indulge in my kind of celeb spotting.

This pic made the papers, digitally speaking at least. I also have this conference to thank for my new favorite author, Achy Obejas. She read this story that gave me tingles like no author has in a minute. Right now I am loving We came all the way from Cuba so you could dress like this? I really want to start gushing about how fabulous everyone was but I have only nine minutes left of my allotted blogging timeslot before I go back to writing searching obsessing and I still haven't gushed about how amazing Zami like me was. 

Sooooo.. Zami like me was fabulous and inspiring and it was like taking a cool drink and suddenly realizing how you were dying of thirst. So many wonderful queer women of color and allies in a room supporting one another and sharing art and cultural critique and discussion -it was like heaven. Mad mad props to Cleo N. LaMothe for conceiving the CipHer and making sure it came to fruition. 
The first day we saw a screening of Black. Womyn. Conversations..  a documentary by film by tiona m. and then had a talk back lead by professor Kaila Story where I also got to meet the badass ladies from Queer Black Cinema.
The second day I got to share the stage with spoken word poet Charan P., 3X. A. LADY CREW, singer/songwriter/poet Amelia and my friend Jade Foster who writes terrific poetry.

I am two minutes late so I leave you with this:

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Mik Danger said...

I have missed you this weekend! Shana from 3X a lady crew said to say hello, and she wants to buy your memoir!!