Friday, October 26, 2007

Art is....(a freewrite)

Art is whatever the artist says it is Art for arts sake Duchamp Rimbaud blah blah blah Art is whatever whitey says it is ha! you call my art propaganda 'cause its got a point or you ask me do you really talk like that? your dialogue is so intellectual so analytic or you stare blankly say what's your lifestyle like? as if life came with style and I do have style it just doesn't fit your design school me if you must give me my 5 years my receipt I mean degree oh but I'm not bitter I'm just playing you know I love you Parsons I managed to find some folks hiding in bureaucratic cracks who finally don't wanna break my back but lift me up to where I need to be where I'm reaching to be Look Out, Whitey! Black Powers Gon' Get Your Mama! and its coming through in subtly didactic poetry and pictures and places you'd least expect it to be its in that beautiful story you just read or that portrait I took you look and you might not see but its seeping into you taught me one thing - I already knew how to listen but now I know you don't I know how to slip meaning into songs you think you're only dancing til you start to sing along follow the beat here we go something to break it down to before you know it you start to question all that you've been taught these thoughts where did they come from and you finally see me in all my beautiful complexity
or you don't
in either case its fine by me 'cause I'm loving what I see and seeing what I love at the tip of my pen or behind my lens its here its always been here whether you listen or not whether you care or not whether you dare or not you don't have to dare me I've already told the truth be told you've already been sold but thats good 'cause I'm not here to buy

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